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It is so easy to become overwhelmed by the range of ‘anti-ageing’ products available…….. at the chemist, department store, at a beauty salon or even online.

There are just so many choices out there – how do you know:
-what your skin REALLY needs?
– that you’re doing your best to delay the ravages of time?

At last there is a solution……. a Digital Skin Scanner linked to sophisticated software that’ll read your skin.

A Digital Skin Scanner linked to sophisticated software that’ll read your skin.

During your “Skin Health Check”, a pain-free photographic analysis system that uses sophisticated computer software to interpret scans of your skin, will reveal how well your skin is ageing and how you compare to a global cross-section of women in your age-group. You will also get a reading of your ‘skin-age’ in each category and then an overall average age..
This sophisticated electronic analysis of your skin will give you:
-measurement of lines and wrinkles
-moisture level analysis
-pigmentation analysis
-pore size & oil-flow evaluation
– sub-surface sun damage
Future scans then document the changes – so you know you are getting results — although most clients see positive changes to their skin without even having another scan!
Take action now- eliminate damage and reverse the signs of ageing before it’s too late!

Client Testimonials

“”Everyone should be using Nimue products. After searching for the ‘perfect’ product since I was a teenager, I never thought I would find a skincare range that was suitable for my skin. However following the Nimue programme has proven that it is possible. I won’t use anything else, it’s simple: it REALLY works. ”

Kelly T, Fernside

“Within days of starting Nimue I was amazed at the difference especially around my eyes. I am also loving all the positive comments from other people – so the change is certainly noticeable. After 6 weeks on these products, there is no looking back from me I am totally hooked!”

KIm T, Woodend

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