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Medical-grade skincare products are different, as they are backed by intensive scientific research and contain much higher doses of active ingredients such as biologically active Vitamin A and antioxidants like Vitamin C, which have been proven to make changes in the skin.

If you’re going to make the effort to have facial, why waste your time and money on
a ‘fluffy-one-size-fits-all’ session that only works on the skins’ outermost superficial cells?

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Rejuvenation Treatment

Rejuvenation treatments are gentle but potent paramedical option ideal for those concerned with


fine lines and wrinkles

adult acne or dull,

lifeless skin due to sun damage

45 Minute Treatment


75 Minute Treatment


Specialised Treatment

highly advanced, intensive treatments that achieve incredible skin rejuvenating and renewal outcomes with long-lasting benefits of improved elasticity, tone and texture.

Dedicated commitment to a complete programme to prepare the skin is essential to achieving maximum results from treatments such as Dermal-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) and the latest skin resurfacing peels that incorporate new “polymetric peel” technology which require the skin to be in optimal condition to be effective.

45 Minute Treatment


75 Minute Treatment


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