Uplift Eye & Lip Serum


Intensive serum with high potency active anti-aging ingredients. Using the latest technology, proven in clinical studies for an INSTANT noticeable effect of relaxing fine lines and wrinkles with a building effect over time by using ingredients that inhibit muscle contraction. Skin texture improves helping to reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles with long-lasting effects.  Reduces skin fragility around the eyes and thinning of the skin above the upper lip. Blurs the appearance of wrinkles. Overall skin stress control.

Gently apply twice daily around eyes, upper eyelids, and wrinkle-prone areas (frown lines, crow’s feet, fine lines along the forehead and between the brows). Leave to dry before applying moisturiser to achieve maximum lifting effect.

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Plant-Based Cosmedical Skincare with a Conscience

Juvenate combines the very best of nature with innovative and sophisticated active ingredients which contain no questionable chemicals, parabens, synthetic colours or fragrances or other nasties. It’s nature backed by science to deliver optimum skin health and real results.

Produced right here in New Zealand, featuring ingredients that are vegan, natural, and sustainably and ethically sourced and produced these products all containing vitamins, minerals, botanical actives and biomimetic peptides that are encapsulated in an enhanced delivery system. This ensures delivery into the most crucial layer of the skin to feed your skin at a cellular level and drive optimal long-term results.

New Generation Plant-based:
– actives
– ingredients
– processes of extraction
– formulations