Soothing Eye Mask


**Each pack contains 2 Soothing Eye Masks**

The epi nouvelle+ naturelle facial pads are made from skin-friendly biomaterial obtained from raw vegetable materials. This 100% pure cellulose & water mask, with a nanostructured fibre network, is known as Biocellic+, and is calming and soothing with properties perfectly suited for advanced skin care.

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These Soothing Eye Pads are very well suited for post-treatment of peels, mesotherapy, laser therapy, skin intolerances such as perioral/periorbital dermatitis, photodynamic therapy and follow-up treatment in aesthetic or surgical operations, and can be used & moved around the entire orbital area and even used around the lips! They provide intense hydration to the treated area – leaving it looking plump, hydrated and fresh!

Free from other ingredients, epi nouvelle+ naturelle soothing eye mask completely relies on the cooling, skin-relaxing effect of pure water.

Some “got to know” points of interest about our epi nouvelle+ naturelle soothing eye mask:

  • Also known as a second skin/microbiome mask

  • The epi nouvelle+ naturelle facial pads are Corneotherapeutic!

  • Their properties will reduce swelling, redness & itching

  • Used to improve the skin’s profile & support skin regeneration

  • Can be used on barrier disordered skin

  • Perfect for cooling of treated area

  • Result in shorter downtime of treatments that cause inflammation (these are great post-tattooing – just place over the eyebrows!)

  • Due to their manufacture via “White Bio-Technology”, epi nouvelle+ naturelle facial pads are 100% sterile

  • Definitely: No preservatives or additives

  • Clearly: Pure, natural product

  • Of course are: 100% vegan

  • Thankfully: Pain-free

  • Can be used in conjunction with active ingredients

  • Will have strong adhesion to skin & can be easily moulded

  • Can be used for up to 4 hours!

  • Made in Germany: extremely high quality


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