Purifier Day


A skin clarifying moisturiser for the control and management of problematic skin conditions. Based on the latest technologies in Dermabiotics.

A fast absorbing- lightweight cream, mattifying suitable for congested and inflamed skin.

Rich in Nicotinamide – assists in improved wound healing and barrier function)               and a low dose of Glycolic Acid to provide excellent exfoliating and rejuvenation benefits. Postbiotic: Morinda Citrifolia Callus Lysate hacks the microbiome communication system to control proliferation of disruptive pathogenic bacterial colonies while Prebiotic: Inulin and Yogurt Powder provide the food for “good” bacteria, to assist strong colonies of these commensal bacteria that improves skin health.

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  • Balances the skin microbiome to control infection and breakouts.
  • Assists in exfoliation to decongest pores, improving skin texture
  • Helps regulate sebaceous activity and breakouts
  • Reduces surface oil leaving a matte appearance
  • Prevents further development of acne and scarring
  • Provides anti-oxidant protection
  • Hydrates