Instant Foot Peeling Kit


The Lova Skin Instant Foot Peeling is a new generation easy-to-use, vegan , cruelty-free and safe product that gives fast and effective results — so effective that your feet will be soft, silky and gorgeous in less than 2 minutes.

The Lova Skin Instant Foot Peeling Kit includes a professional-grade rasp and the 100ml Instant Foot Peeling Active Spray(sufficient for about 20 uses) formulated using exfoliating Fruit Acids, soothing Edelweiss flower and hydrating Swiss glacier water in a gorgeous cotton bag.

  • Simple and quick – you literally need 5 minutes MAX to do both feet…. prepare to be amazed!
  • Exfoliates your feet gently and brings back their natural beauty
  • Removes roughness from the skin of the feet including corns/ calluses
  • Moisturizes and protects


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  • Use on clean, dry feet
  • Apply the spray to cover the soles of your feet or the area to be treated For optimal results, the area must be completely covered to the point of dripping (spread any drips over the tops of your feet for a total foot refresh). Let the product work for at least 60 seconds, so your skin will exfoliate smoothly and naturally.
  • Massage lightly over your foot and then use the professional rasp to remove excess dead skin.
  • Rinse your feet with clean water and dry with a cloth

For maintenance: perform the ritual once every 2 weeks
For intensive care: if your feet are very dry or have corns and/or calluses, you may need to perform the ritual 1 to 2 times a week before spacing the ritual every 2 weeks for maintenance.



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