TruDermal GLOW Phototherapy Mask


Be the one of the  first 10 to committ to the “GLOW” and you’ll receive a gift* worth $125. 

The gift contains a pre-treatment exfoliating enzyme suitable for all skin types (my absolute favourite product!) and a leave-on post-treatment mask jam-packed with vitamins and barrier-restoring nutrients presented in a luxe cosmetics bag.

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Enhance your skincare results!

This at-home device has been designed to elevate your skincare routine and achieve better and faster results. Get that “GLOW” you deserve. It can be used alongside any skincare regime, so you don’t have to be following a Pamper Pod programme to jump onboard. If you’re on a Pamper Pod Product Plan you can rest assured your products will contain all the actives in the correct concentrations your skin cells need to make the most out of this rejuvenating treatment – after all, it’s pointless stimulating the cells if they don’t have what they need to produce the goods!

Our skincells have the ability to absorb light energy and use it to stimulate or regulate essential cellular functions — in other words it ‘hacks’ your skin biology through energising cells with light, triggering a cascade of cell-enhancing processes. Each color has a different wavelength, and every wavelength targets a different cells and funcitons and, as such, has a different effect on the skin.

Skin cells that are energised through LED function better and regenerate up to 200% faster and the best news is, the benefits continue even after your 10 minute ‘power session’ is up.

Mode 1: Acne Control

This is your go-to treatment for active breakouts and blemishes. LED lights of blue (@465nm) regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands and acts to neutralise and control density of the C.Acnes bacterial colonies (C.Acnes is the bacteria when out of balance is one of the causes of pimples). Near-infrared (@850nm) reduces inflammation and stimulates the wound healing process. Inflammation is another cause of pimple formation, so you can see that with using the correct products and these 2 wavelengths we’re addressing 3 of the 5 known triggers.

Mode 2: Acne & Repair

If you’re suffering with adult acne, this is the one for you. Blue (465nm) and Red (633nm) are combined to help treat acne through controlling density of C.Acnes colonies and decrease any scarring and reduce inflammation all at once. Red lights carries the added benefit of skin rejuvenation – making this the perfect setting for spotty, lacklustre menopausal skin.

Mode 3: Cell Rejuvenation

Advanced skin rejuvenation (increased hydration, reduced pore size and line depth) and cellular energising which = gorgeous glow). The combination of Red (633nm) and Near-Infrared (850nm) improve the signs of ageing such as dullness and fine-lines by stimulating fibroblasts cells to increase collagen production and energise the mitochondria (power-house of the cell) which plays a key role in signs of ageing and skin healing. Inflammatory processes in the skin increase as progesterone and estrogen levels decrease so for conditions like hyperpigmentation, rosacea, dermatitis, eczema or general skin irritation this LED blend will act to reduce the inflammation and calm the skin.