Dermaviduals Cleansing Milk 150ml


Dermaviduals is a clinical skincare brand that focuses on skin barrier repair and preservation. It is free from emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrance, colourants and pretty much anything else that is not compatible with skin physiology.

Dermaviduals offers the unique ability to custom blend cleansers, creams and serums following consultation and skin analysis, as no two skins are the same. This is a huge advantage when working with severely compromised skins that are highly sensitised as it allows me to make the product fit your skin, instead of trying to make your skin fit the product.

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Cleaning milk with DMS® is free of tenside components. Its composition is similar to the DMS®-base creams which means that the cleansing milk is a product for care and cleansing in one.

The cleansing milk with DMS® removes dirt particles and make-up residues without negatively affecting the skin.

Dermaviduals is a prescriptive skincare brand, so please make contact directly 021 111 0851 or  to order product and discuss your concerns or to book in for a skin consultation to determine the most appropriate corrective home-care programme. 


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