Calm and Repair Intro Bundle – Sensitive Skin


Sensitive skin often experiences compromised barrier function and an imbalanced microbiome which often leads to a range of symptoms such as extreme fragility, dryness, itchiness, redness, rough texture, irritation, heightened sensitivity and sometimes even uncomfortable burning or stinging.

Clinical studies showed a visible improvement within 7 days!

Often, this change occurs in line with hormone changes at different stages in life (pregnancy/ menopause) and these changes can trigger the onset of Rosacea – which can be managed with these products.

Recognising the growing demand for solution to this discomfort the new Sensitive range has been formulated to support the skins immune system and barrier function, reduce inflammation and optimise the skin micro-environment for improved health and resilience.

All products are free of preservatives (to support natural biome), steroids, fragrance, lanolin, mineral oils and petrolatum.

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These products have been formulated to soothe, calm and repair sensitive and reactive skin, rebalance oil and water levels and support overactive immune response. This targeted approach reduces redness and promotes a more balanced complexion.

Each product is crafted with gentle, high-quality ingredients that work to alleviate discomfort and irritation, while also nourishing and protecting your skin.

Whether you’re dealing with occasional sensitivity (such as dermatitis or eczema) or persistent redness (due to rosacea, hyper-reactive immunity or environmental damage) these 2 products offer immediate targeted relief and help to restore your skin’s natural health and vitality.

A multi-tasking treatment moisturiser and serum combination that is based on the latest discoveries in:

  • dermabiotics (where the power of the skins microbiome is harnessed to enhance communication within the skin)
  • plant stem cells and 
  • botanical active ingredients to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant/ anti-itch benefits, while increasing hydration levels, optimising oil production and 

The NEW Nimue Sensitive and Red Skin intro bundle contains:

  • Soothing Repair Serum
  • Daily Calm and Restore Moisturiser
  • a ‘soft-as-a-cloud’ Sensitive Skin Cleansing Cloth
  • $30 voucher towards the NEW Sensitive Skin MicroPeel Treatment (The first of its kind! A hydrating and resurfacing treatment that leaves the skin looking calmer than it did before the treatment!)

**** The first 15 to order will also receive a Nimue Man trial kit – the perfect stocking stuffers for your son, partner, husband or dad.

Each Nimue Man trial box contains 15ml each Cleansing Wash, Day and Night Cream and a treatment Aftershave balm – but you need to hurry as I only have 15 of these.

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