Integrative Digital Skin Scan

Customsied programme for your skin.

Why settle for a skin programme based on a therapist quickly assessing the surface of your skin through a magnifying lamp? Our skin is the body’s largest living organ and it’s optimal health and functioning relies on the intricate balance of the functioning of all our body systems together – we can’t look at the skin as an organ in isolation. This is why at Pamper Pod I take an integrative approach to skin healing – there’s no quick-fix here. 

Using specialised diagnostic equipment, images of your face are taken and analysed – first through highly scientific software and then together you and I sit and discuss all aspects of your health and wellbeing to determine why your skin is displaying symptoms of concern.

This takes all the guess-work out of the equation and from this information we put a customised programme together that’s going suit your skin, your lifestyle and your budget. We will work together supporting your skin both topically and with internal supplementation, to bring everything back into balance, so your skin literally glows with health from the inside out. 

Your evaluation includes;  

  • Measurement of pore sizes and number
  • Measurement of wrinkles and pinpoints where skin is thinning
  • Analysis of pigment disturbances
  • Determination of UV damage
  • Identification of acne causing porphyrin and bacteria
  • Evaluation of skin redness and vascular conditions
  • Projected functional age of your skin in various categories which highlights specific concerns that need to be addressed first

But we don’t stop at simply identifying issues. Once you’ve committed to your prescribed programme throughout the course of your treatment, you’ll receive further photographic analyses to document your progress and see just how much your skin has improved. This unique system generates comprehensive reports allowing us to track your progress towards a more youthful and healthier appearance.

Often, by the time skin conditions are visible at the surface it can be really difficult to correct them completely, so it’s incredibly useful to get a literal photograph of your “future skin”. Having your skin digitally scanned sooner rather than later will provide us both with a insight into skin conditions that are developing beneath the surface allowing you to take a proactive approach in age-management and reducing the appearance of imperfections before they have a chance to show to the naked eye. 


SISU digital skin analysis image





For all your other facial beauty needs such as  waxing, lashes and brows



Luxury customised facials where you don’t have to choose between relaxing and results to bring your skin into beautiful balance



Using the latest technology in skin assessments and taking the guesswork out of determining exactly what your skin needs



WOW !!! In my twenty years of having facials, I have NEVER had such a knowledgable person talk me through and show me what my products are doing/not doing for my skin!!! !!!!!!

Michelle B - Nth Canterbury

Amazing service, I have been going for years and will continue to go for years. Nothing is ever a hassle and I always feel gorgeous when I leave. Highly recommend.
Brenda R - Nth Canterbury

Last night I had Dermal Needling, OMG my face feels great. This is my second treatment and I can see that this has made all the difference to my face. Highly recommend this treatment.
Diane P - Nth Canterbury