Purposeful Pampering


At Pamper Pod, each treatment is tailored to honour the unique demands of each individual skin and needs on the day. Each facial is based on the underpinning philosophy of delivering the best outcome for your skin by combining the latest treatment protocols and “old-school” beauty rituals. Honoring the fact that the skin is a dynamic organ, all facials are adapted to best meet your skin’s needs at that point in time, with no two treatments ever the same, taking into account crucial factors like environment, day-to-day habits, and internal wellbeing, offering a truly bespoke approach.

This allows me to do what I absolutely love – delivering the complete experience of results-driven treatments entwined with the feeling of rejuvenation, relaxation and a sense of calm, that is synonymous with traditional spa treatments. 

Because the treatment is customised to your skin you won’t find an overwhelming menu of options for you to wade through and try to determine what your skin needs – I’ve made it really simple for you. All you have to do is decide how long you’d like your indulgence to be and I’ll assess the needs of your skin and provide a customised treatment to bring it back into beautiful balance, using whatever products are required to do so…. all for the price you see – no add-ons or surprises.

All facials begin with a verbal consultation to determine what your immediate concerns are (even if you’re looking for some time-out from ‘life’ I believe in maximising your time and delivering a results-driven experience), followed by a combination of deep cleanse and facial massage, mask, and protective products to finish.


“The Pause” – Level 1

This option is ideal for those who are time conscious, would like a discovery facial to experience the fabulous products available at Pamper Pod or as a targeted treatment enhance your existing treatment plan.

Allow up to 45 Minutes


“The Escape” – Level 1


This option is an extension of everything that’s awesome about “The Pause” and more!

“The Escape” includes attention to the décolleté and neck as well as extended massage to include shoulders, neck and scalp.

     Allow up to 75 Minutes


“The Intensive” – Level 2

This option is a step up from “The Escape” in the sense that it incorporates more stimulating techniques and products to target specific concerns. Committed to delivering maximum results with minimum irritation to the whole face,  décolleté and neck areas and extended massage to include shoulders, neck and scalp.

     Allow up to 75 Minutes


“The Ultimate” – Level 3

This option is reserved exclusively for those who have prepared their skin for Ultimate treatments due to the advanced delivery of actives,  stimulating nature and skin rejuvenation focus. Committed to delivering maximum results with minimum irritation to the whole face,  décolleté and neck areas and extended massage to include shoulders, neck and scalp. 

Allow up to 75 minutes


Specialised Treatments


These are a collection of highly specialised services available at Pamper Pod. If you have a concern that isn’t listed here, please enquire as there may be a solution that isn’t specified on this page.

Collagen Induction Therapy also known as Dermal Needling or Micro Needling                                                                                           

 Electrodessication for treatment of:

  • Red Vein 
  • Skin Tag 
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia 
  • Millia
  • Cherry Angioma


                                                                                                                $189 per session 



 $60 per session


“I have been a client of Caryn’s for a number of years. There are many reasons I keep coming back to see Caryn.
These include her genuinely friendly and approachable personality;  her knowledge of both products and services and her continuing upskilling and learning of better products and better processes and  the opportunity to be truly pampered in a relaxing yet professional environment.  

I can’t recommend Caryn enough!    
Sarah A – Christchurch

I have total confidence in your knowledge of skin care/functions, and I love
how you take the time to explain things in such a way that I can understand!
You don’t baffle me with science! Your facials are wonderful and my skin has
never felt as good as it does now. I have no hesitation
in recommending you to friends.

Anita W - Nth Canterbury

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to introducing me to skincare that has literally changed my life.
I had awful sore acne that nothing could clear up, and makeup couldn’t cover it up.

Laura S - Christchurch