About Me

Pamper (v): to indulge with excessive care and attention.

The Pamper Pod Story

My name is Caryn Hardy and I help menopausal women fall in love with their skin.

I help menopausal women suffering with skin conditions and concerns around accelerated ageing, naturally support their skin and get their “glow” back using a gentle integrative approach.

There is no hiding your skin- it is an open book telling the world the story of your lifestyle…sure, you can cover it up, but the symptoms are still going to be there to remind you that there’s something lacking until you make a change in the right direction. BUT – what’s often overlooked, is that the skin is part of highly-complex system of organs that communicate with and are affected by poor functioning of one another – we cannot treat the skin in isolation and expect to make long-lasting change. 

Through in-depth consultation utilising diagnostic tools combined with my knowledge of the physiology of the body and of the skin at a cellular level and access to products selected for their potency and ability to deliver results. My passion is using my knowledge of the physiology of the skin at a cellular level to work out the “why” behind skin conditions and supporting the skin in correcting that imbalance. The ultimate goal is making glowing, youthful-looking skin a reality and encourage self-confidence and embracing natural beauty.

 I believe in providing the “whole pampering experience” – it’s all about the technique, the products, and the personalised treatment.

Operating from a from a quiet, discreet studio in North Canterbury, clients are encouraged to arrive early to allow time to take a few deep breaths and really make the most of their indulgent “me-time”.

Since no two skins are the same, each session is thoughtfully customised. I relentlessly research and incorporate products with the most effective delivery systems and treatments to ensure the best possible results for everyone. I’m able to customise cleansers, serums and moisturisers with the correct dosages of nutritional actives (vitamins, minerals and extracts) that may be lacking and resulting in the condition at hand. I also incorporate techniques that naturally and safely stimulate the skins renewal processes – such as Collagen Induction Therapy and Buccal Facial Massage, which is like an “organic facelift” without any of the downtime or risks associated with other options in the industry.

Seeing my clients happy, glowing and confident is the reward that constantly inspires and motivates me. I genuinely love working with each person in a step-by-step programme to give them the results they’re searching for.

I’ve been fortunate to have been recognised for both my passion for skin health and my commitment to continuing post-grad education, which is what allows me to offer my clients the absolute best advice and treatment success.




Before I started seeing Caryn, my skin looked a mess. It was dull, spotty with scarring and pigmentation.  My only solution was to cover my skin with lots of foundation to hide all these blemishes. I now feel more confident and  often don’t wear make-up as I don’t feel I have to hide my skin, and I  have friends and family commenting on how amazing my skin looks – which I’ve never had before. I love the simplicity of the programme, the feel of the products on my skin and the healthy glow and smoothness afterwards.  You could say I am addicted!!”  

Sarah M - Christchurch

I have used similar products like this before but never as good as these products! 

Kristy N - Nth Canterbury

Amazing service, I have been going for years and will continue to go for years. Nothing is ever a hassle and I always feel gorgeous when I leave. Highly recommend.

Brenda R