Integrative Skin Therapy

Professional, Holistic Skin-Health Clinic


Whether you want to relax and ‘re-calibrate’ during a pampering facial, or to get serious about rejuvenating and rebalancing your skin, Pamper Pod is the perfect place to visit.

Tucked away from the road in a private setting, you’ll feel worlds away from the hustle and bustle while you relax and enjoy your treatments. An atmosphere of exclusive, personal tranquillity is created in part by the ‘one–client-at-a-time’ service in a serene space, allowing each client to receive undivided attention.

                                                  A place where you are the sole focus – no noise, no interruptions……. just time indulging you!

I am Caryn Hardy, multi-award-winning Skin Therapist and I’m delighted to welcome you to Pamper Pod.

3 years of full-time study in South Africa gained me Diploma in Somatology (Tech Natal, South Africa 1994) and the highly regarded Internationally recognised CIDESCO qualification (Switzerland 1994). My passion for learning about how the skin functions on a cellular level is as strong now as what it was 30 years ago. There are new discoveries made every day about this incredible organ and I’m committed to ensuring I am always working inline with the latest information and knowledge to help you fall in love with your skin.

My core philosophy is based on the idea that the sooner you start taking care of your skin, taking measures to ensure it’s being provided with the correct cellular nutrition and overall protection the stronger it will be and the better your skin will age.

I love supporting skins of all ages and conditions and having transitioned through Menopause myself, I have a special interest in supporting women and their skin through this phase of life. I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and feel like you’ve literally aged overnight! I’ve done all the research into the “why” behind the symptoms you’re seeing reflected back from the mirror and am committed to helping you navigate this adjustment with grace and understanding. 

Each skin is unique and assessed individually, taking internal health and lifestyle factors into account to custom design each facial treatment to cater to the specific needs of the skin in front me at that moment – the skin is a living organ and it’s needs fluctuate determined by environmental, lifestyle, emotional, dietary and hormonal factors, so a one-size-fits-all ‘cookie-cutter’ approach is not something you’ll experience at Pamper Pod.  Using pioneering technology, advanced techniques and deeply stimulating facial massage together with products cherry-picked for their bio-availability and scientific backing of their ability to nourish the skin at a cellular level, I promise to nurture your skin into beautiful balance and combine this with a sense of indulgence and love.

In-clinic treatments in tandem with a specific personalised home-care programme and internal supplementation recommendations help ensure better functioning and healthier skin.

I am a proud member of the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals, giving you peace-of-mind that you will receive professional advice and treatments performed to a high standard with intensive training.   

What Clients Say…..

WOW !!! In my twenty years of having facials, I have NEVER had such a knowlegable person talk me through and show me what my products are doing/not doing for my skin!!! !!!!!!

Michelle B - Nth Canterbury

I love that when my sensitive skin ‘freaks-out’ I know that you’ll be able to fix it. You always seem to know exactly what to do to calm things down. 

Samantha R - Nth Canterbury

Last night I had Dermal Needling, OMG my face feels great. This is my second treatment and I can see that this has made all the difference to my face. Highly recommend this treatment.

Diane P - Nth Canterbury